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How virtual sex happens in webcam chat rooms

The story about how virtual sex on webcam happens, one of participants of a chat who wished to remain anonymous wrote for the site.


As it is difficult to find that it will want which the same that you want. In life we quite often hide the true desires from close people. Will not understand, will discuss, will condemn, and will sneer – having thus not less strange desires, but hiding them from others. Thirst for dream is ineradicable. Your secret ideal always waits for you. Sometimes all life. But, without having waited, leaves to meet another – perhaps, unnecessary. So do not miss opportunity to find the destiny.

… – What miracle that you here – I speak to it. How are you doing? You missed? I hear “yes” in the answer and short phrases that happened in a day in her life. We missed. We waited for a meeting and now there is time to communicate. At first aloud, then in a whisper, then we will open private chat room.

Where, except a virtual chat, you can go beyond a usual circle of contacts? To leave crowd painfully familiar, merging in a uniform strip, destinies? After all, very not easy to replace already developed circle. But it is not impossible because there is an Internet. Also there are chats of virtual acquaintances, sex chats without registration where the anonymous wanderers tired of loneliness and looking for the destiny – those who in life, perhaps, could be never crossed meet.


… As words of your questionnaire, wide of the mark are ridiculous! To me it is clear that you wrote them to frighten off the wandering dogs. Such passionate and infinitely various little girl in sex disappeared behind a mask of a blue stocking! The intellectual personality does not prevent you to be with me terribly dissolute partner and to receive pleasure from confidential communication, giving me pleasure of virtual sex.

Day and night, night and day. Since morning hurrying, was tired in the evening, in the afternoon on business and always there is no time. You go on life, trying to be in time, and have no opportunity to stop, look round. In a pursuit of success, it is possible to pass in a flow of other wanderers a smile of a lovely creature, concordant with you on everything. It is impossible to lie to himself all the time that you well settled and it is necessary nothing. Fast paid sex will not give content in intimate communication. And the available daily bodies concordant for a joint lunch to give vent to your desires, will not bring joy of communication and will chatter away all what you in ecstasy, having broken a charm of mutual secret.

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… It is a pity for time spent on the cute maidens who are not able to connect couples of words in the offer. Sex with them is good only for patients with the age of teenagers. No matter with whom, the fact is important. To merge and imitate it not that to terminate and fall. So there is only to you, my secret. Powerlessly to clap on the keyboard after an orgasm and to remember details – rare happiness which only you are capable to present.

And in a virtual chat it is possible to meet the wonderful stranger who does not know neither you, nor your friends. Do not know from where you and that you do. Whom you are in this life and on what you apply. But she wants the same, as you. To derive pleasure from virtual, but the most intimate sexual communication. To fight in ecstasy, having realized the secret dreams. To groan and be bent, without hesitating of the groans and movements as it quite often happens in real life. And to feel that gives pleasure to the person to whom her imaginations are clear. Do not pull. Life is short. Silly to miss opportunity to find the destiny. Enter sex a chat of acquaintances and look for. Be not lost in crowd. Communicate and you will find.

… Red eyes wearily look at the monitor. I read lines of your messages. I try to present that I hear your voice and I dream to feel heat of your hands, softness of the lips whispering secret words. I am lost in space. Typing the answer, it seems to me that I play locks of your hair. And we become closer and closer to spite of distances. But is not present, all not so. And here is how: we in different rooms of one apartment. We make each other virtual caress until the mutual desire does not pull out the bodies which are eager for each other from a place, and at once having left rooms, we will merge in ecstasy on a corridor floor.

As it is difficult to pass sometimes some steps and to admit. And having invited somewhere to tell that you want. But against yourself you will not go. That there is a wish to realize in life, demands an exit. To find the desired object of passion, in time, convenient for itself – where? And where to go if there is no place? On what to relax if there is nothing? And who will understand you when all sleep, and you call? Will ask – you are drunk? Will send? Will not understand? It is a lot of questions… And if mad day does not give time for communication? Whether it is possible to find the ideal? Not ideal creation, but the real, suitable partner for adult sexual games?


… Wiping sweat from your body, I ask, how your heart? Such loading is heavy for tired in a day. I warm up muscles of the body which presented me an orgasm and playfully I suggest to continue. You reluctantly, but nevertheless agree. At first sluggishly, then it is live, after furiously you answer me, getting and being got to a limit, – and we depart. Rest. Mutual exchange of caress. Measured tick of hours returns to reality. Morning. It is necessary though slightly to have a rest to fulfill day. I do not know, whether I will be able to come again tomorrow. And you poorly believe in repetition. But we will meet. Not important when, but here. In the same chat. And we will have everything. We found each other to spite of distance. I will not tell, from where I and from where you. We will meet, and everything will be real. It so. And it is healthy that there is a sex chat of acquaintances which presented us opportunity to communicate at least is virtual, so far we not nearby.

Do not hurry to close a chat window if nobody answered you. The relations are not entered at once, at the new person always look narrowly. It is possible that the interlocutor and would like to answer, but is occupied with another stories – he has active “pm”. Long pauses can speak about popularity of your interlocutor among chatters. Appreciate rare answers are means that you are remembered and are ready to listen. And girls here … There is a lot of them. And they madly different. So different what even not to describe. And all look for. Sometimes find. Also are happy that found. Be not silent and be not rude. Speak and answer. Invite and open a window of a private. You will find. To spite of real there will be everything virtually cool. Do not sleep. The destiny can be anywhere, and is not excluded, what exactly here.


… I embrace your tired body and I nestle on you. We lie on one side, repeating words of love and sinking into a sleep. Rest. Happiness. The orgasm discharged the emotions cocked in a day and only the pacified feeling of rest absorbs from head to foot my body. To new meetings… So far everything who remained in a chat. And secretly envied everything who guessed us. We found each other to spite of destiny and distance between the cities. And we are happy. Well and that that vitality it not reality. A real meeting, I am sure, too it will be obligatory, and the virtual passion is a fine prelude to it.