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Seduction lessons online from the frequenter of dating sites

During a quarantine simple pleasures in the form of a cup of coffee with the stranger turned into dreams or fragments from the read love affairs.

And what if to organize a virtual conversation appointment behind a cup of coffee with the stranger? What to begin acquaintance to the man on the Internet with? I invited to a virtual meeting in Zoom app the interesting man who wrote comments to my posts in “Facebook” and itself kept the interesting page. To us precisely will be about what to talk, and at the same time I find out about a men’s view of appointments.

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Max Limerman, the business coach, the communications expert, was the pleasant interlocutor. We so were fond of a conversation on the relations that I even forgot that I am on an appointment. I came round only from a question: “Well and often you go out on dates?” I honestly admitted that this first virtual appointment in my life. And in general, I go out on dates infrequently. And then asked Maxim to make recommendations as he sees women on dating sites, on online appointments and how to make so that everything passed in the best way.

1. Be more ordinary

Initially the woman comes to a dating site from a position that it lacks something. Namely it lacks the relations. It is felt in communication and in how it fills out the questionnaire. In everything her misfortune appears. And the man who will only strengthen this state will come to it. If to recognize a position that here it came not from shortage, and, for example, for receiving new experience or for a research, a game, then and the man will be attracted another. And the questionnaire for acquaintance will turn out another – easy, playful and ironic.

2. Be interesting

Find hobby which would be stronger, than hobby for the man. Then you precisely will be interesting to him. The real man dreams of the self-sufficient woman and loves online webcam girls while he can’t go out on real dates. Not dependent, not hysterical, and that which is interesting in herself. To be engaged in that which is what, then to entertain itself. So that to it would be good also without man, but with the man it would be even better. Did you come to a dating site for the real man? Then become the real woman and act like one he would win wars for.

3. Show an initiative

Be not afraid to show activity and to write to the man of the first, to invite him to an appointment and just to chat. Those times when the woman needed to wait for a call or the SMS left and to cry quietly in a pillow. Men do not perceive activity of the woman as persistence. Of course, if it is not hyperactivity and not the attack in the form of messages or calls. To write, invite. To tell “no” at the right time. And everything is quite normal.

4. Accept the own inner power

Male and female roles in modern society were a little mixed. And now women became more courageous, and men womanlier. Therefore, stop to look for and wait for the real knight. Forgive yourself the force and accept it, and to men their weakness. Just recognize and forgive. It will become simpler to live. The relations will become easier to be built.

5. Be yourself

Do not play a role, and be yourself. The man, of course, too can prove to be not, and one of the masks. Also, you represent what the appointment when two masks meet will be? How to them to distinguish and recognize each other? She will fall in love with the pseudo-superman. And he – in the pseudo-princess. As a result, he will be the ordinary henpecked, and it – the female amazon. Happy couple will not be. But there will be a lot of disappointment, offenses and mutual claims. And who is guilty? It was necessary to be on the first appointment itself. Yes, it is complex. But there is nothing impossible.

6. Be researchers

It is not necessary to expect anything or to demand from the world or from the man. Investigate, improvise. Then you precisely will understand that you look for. And at least do not fall into arms not to that hero. And it is possible, and you will meet the one who was looked for.